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If you face a criminal matter of any kind, you owe it to yourself to get sound legal advice. We provide our clients with aggressive and thorough criminal law and legal representation throughout the state of Arizona. Our lawyers and entire staff are dedicated to helping clients resolve their legal matters. Learn more HERE or watch the video below:

Drivers license
Child abuse and neglect
Drug crimes
General practice
Sex crimes & assault
Child custody & support
Criminal law
Landlord and tenant law
Traffic violations
Family law
Legal separation
Weapons charges
Domestic violence
Father rights
Parole and probation
Wills and probate

We founded the firm in many years ago and have provided comprehensive legal services to countless clients over the last eleven years, making client legal needs our priority.
We provide aggressive criminal and Phoenix DUI defense at very reasonable rates. We work with your budget so our fee does not have to become yet another problem to face while already dealing with criminal charges that could substantially affect your life and livelihood. Our criminal attorneys maintain close contact with clients, believing that communication is a vital aspect of the attorney-client relationship. Calls are returned promptly to keep you informed about your case.
When do you need a defense lawyer?


Whether you have been arrested or are under investigation for a crime, having an experienced criminal lawyer in Maricopa County AZ is crucial. From the outset, you need a strong legal advocate who protects your rights while favorably navigating the legal system on your behalf. A key factor in any criminal case is taking action early and conducting an investigation on the facts and evidence of the case. By doing so, a seasoned defense attorney may be able to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce or even dismiss charges. And if your case does go to trial, such an investigation provides considerable information upon which to build a strong defense.

In facing any legal issue, obtaining effective legal assistance can make all the difference in your case. We can answer your questions, analyze your case, and provide a thorough plan to resolve your legal situation.

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